New Music – Beatles edition

The Beatles have long been one of my favorite pop song writing groups, and their tunes often lend themselves to jazz/cabaret arrangements. These two happened to be next to each other in my book, and in the same key, and quite by accident, I realized they fit well together. I have always loved For No One because of its direct yet strangely comforting language. Most of us have had a relationship end in a lopsided way, and there’s not a lot we can say except it hurts, and not a lot a friend can do but acknowledge that pain, which is so much better than saying “there are plenty of fish in the sea”.


Following it up with Fixing A Hole feels a little like moving on, figuring out a way to make what we *can* control a little better. Unfortunately, I messed up the words and I’m using a travel uke that doesn’t like to stay in tune, but I’m posting it anyway because nothing is perfect, and I had a lot of fun making the music.